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Quantum Jumping is a technique used to tap into your subconscious mind to draw out guidance and wisdom to help you progress towards your goals. It's based. Receive a 6-part Introduction to Quantum Jumping to learn more about Burt's Quantum Jumping phenomena, and try it for yourself. Over , people across. Quantum Jumping, uses unique guided imagery, deep meditation and the results of years of study to train you to tap into the power of advanced dimensions of.

I got to meet that mystic. In that small home of Mr. I learned about Qi, or energy, and Li, the control of this energy. Suddenly Korea turned into much more than just a place to bide my time until I returned to the States. I was fascinated by what I had learned in Hawaii and wanted to know more but there were no Kahunas in the US at that time. After my discharge from the army, I heard of a great swami and my curiosity led me to Paramahansa Yogananda.

I learned the art of meditation at the feet of this great master, who brought meditation and yoga to the West. After Yogananda passed on in , I sought other ways to fill my cup with knowledge.

I read everything I could on the subject of the mind and the variety of ways to use it. Next, I explored hypnotism and was fascinated by it.

I practiced it for many years, all the while researching and learning. By then I had also become proficient in hand acupressure, a component of acupuncture without puncturing the body. My teachings at the time were for small groups, or individuals. I had not yet gotten the idea of world travel, or gathering large groups of people. At this point in my life I heard about Jose Silva, and tried my hand at helping him run his mind control seminars. After injecting some of my own techniques I became his number one instructor and remained in that position until I left the organization.

At my peak I conducted seminars for Heads of States, European Royalty and amassed audiences numbering up to The internet allows me to share my knowledge with the world, and enable people like you to easily tap into the latent power of your mind.

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I offer nothing but proven, time-tested techniques that have been conceived, tested and fine-tuned with hundreds of thousands of participants throughout the world.

Techniques that could very well change your life for the better. I relish peace and quiet, I love spending time with my grandchildren, and enjoy nothing more than sitting down to a good book. Today, many of my paintings hang in museums around the globe.

Since , the website has continued to grow and now has a community of over , members.

The Story Behind Quantum Jumping 7

Sarah was a housemaid in Cleveland, Ohio. Sarah came to one of my classes and was fascinated by the concept of her having other selves in other dimensions—who were exactly the same as her, with the same husband, same parents, same friends, same children—but who was very successful. So one day as she went into a Quantum Jump, she decided she would visit a successful version of herself, in a business that she loved.

She jumped through and suddenly, she reported, she saw her alternate self, and she visualized herself walking over to this twin. Her intent of course was what influenced her thoughts. She imagined herself talking to her alternate self.

I asked if she cleaned any houses that were for sale and she said no. She was suddenly very quiet and thoughtful as the class went on. Sarah was now paying no attention to me and during a break I asked her what was going on?

With my permission she got on the stage and asked if there were any real estate salespeople in the room. Sarah said she is starting a company that will clean spotless and decorate those run down houses so that they will sell. I could almost write a book about Sarah and her husband Peter because Sarah wound up with more than she could handle and hired 2 girls, then 3 more, then 7, and soon she had 87 women working with and for her.

All thanks to Quantum Jumping. The only prerequisite is an open mind and the power of intent. What if you could talk to the creative you and find out exactly how to effortlessly conjure ideas — even if you regularly struggle to find inspiration?

All you need to do is sit down and follow my lead as I guide you through each and every technique to mastering Quantum Jumping, from beginner level visualizations to highly advanced exercises. Absorb the principles and history behind each and every one of them.

Listen as I inspire you with tales of success, and how you can make them yours. And finally, smile as you realize your life is about to change forever.

The Ultimate Quantum Jumping Course A collection of powerful and easy-to-use Alpha exercises designed to guide you into a deeper state of mind, so you can effortlessly communicate with your alternate selves. Eye-opening lessons for a better understanding of the concepts behind Quantum Jumping, so you can fully immerse yourself into your practice, and enjoy better results.

Powerful meditative techniques to amplify your Alpha Exercises. These will help you experience more vivid and controllable Quantum Jumps that better serve the area of your life you want to improve. Cutting-edge insights into the innermost workings of your mind, so you can finally realize the full extent of your inner potential and think and act like the most extraordinary achievers.

Fascinating case studies that will help you understand the limitless possibilities of Quantum Jumping, and give you ideas for new ways to use it in your own life. This part of the program will help expand your mind with the concepts, history, and scientific evidence behind Quantum Jumping. Burt shares his story and interactions in an old Korean farmhouse in , which sparked his journey to discover Quantum Jumping. Burt explains the idea behind this powerful statement and the science and spirituality behind Quantum Jumping.

Stories about how Quantum Jumping has helped Burt unlock extraordinary abilities in singing, photography and visual art.

Your first quantum Jump — a short jump into the relaxed alpha state of mind. The only problem is many of us feel guilty asking for it. The photos I took, when laid out like a jigsaw puzzle, had turned into one picture.

And what a picture! It was a classic and has been shown in galleries around the world. It seems as though I was on to something.

Now my original Burtons, as they are called, sell for thousands of dollars each, and Im still dont consider myself a photographer. My belief in the validity of Quantum Jumping took a quantum jump right about then. There is something to this Im not sure what it is yet, but I became convinced that this may well be the most effective process on the planet for self-improvement and unlocking hidden abilities.

I used the quantum jump to become a pianist, and I dont know the chords. But people love to hear me play. I dont know anything about writing, but Ive written 11 books.

Quantum Jumping 2

I jumped into a feng shui self and became a master of feng shui And on and on and on. Is Quantum Jumping a magic wand? No, nothing works all the time. But QJ works enough of the time to put you in command. A jumper A jumper is in control of that elusive law of attraction and knows no defeat. Defeat will never win, and quantum jumpers never lose because they know that they have an unending number of twin selves waiting in the wings to help them.

Your doppelgnger, or twin self as I also call them, is there for you. To help you to transform your life. To help you attain the life you dream about, but dont quite know how to go about starting. Well, thats my job to get you started making right choices, wise decisions, and develop a winning attitude so that you will have a better and better life.

Now then, you may want to ask, how can your doppelgnger help to transform your life? Good question! And thats important, because sometimes the question is just as important as the answer. What hidden talents are buried deep within you waiting for an open sesame key to bring them out? What if you have talents and the - 14 - means to overcome all the obstacles in your life within you, but you havent known how to bring them out? How many people have the voices of a Pavarotti, or a Maria Callas but never thought to sing?

How many people have the business acumen of a Warren Buffet, but had no idea how to release it? And how many have the creativity of Steve Jobs within them, but do not know how to bring it out? Whats hidden in your inner conscious? Later youll hear me speak about rhythm, or the energy of things the smallest molecule to our star, the Sun. Science accepts as fact that everything is in constant, never-ending motion.

As example, on the A vibrates at frequencies per second. This is science. On other octaves, the frequency is either doubled or halved. Most know this; what is not generally known is that all things have their own particular vibration, or rhythm. That being said, people who are successful have a different rhythm than those who are not.

Sick people have a different rhythm than do healthy ones. Talented people have a different rhythm as well. Places have rhythms. A church or temple has a different feel, a different rhythm then a jail or mental institution. Cities and countries have a rhythm. Just as electrons can make energetic leaps from one energetic level to another, people can quantum jump through alternate realities to experience dramatic shifts in physical reality.

Quantum jumps can be envisioned as occurring in a multiverse of many alternate realities. Anyone who can relax, clear their mind, and envision being different in some way—such as more successful, funny, healthy, wealthy, or wise—can quantum jump. To initiate a quantum jump requires keeping an open mind that you can experience another reality.

It is important that you are able to sincerely desire and feel a connection to another reality, envisioning some way of making a connection with it through a bridge, a door, a window or a handshake. Your ability to form a strong intention, to concentrate, and to get and stay focused while feeling detached from concerns of daily life—relaxed, open-minded, and emotionally energized—are essential.

Just as when you shift gears on your can you must first disengage from one gear before re-engaging in a new gear, you must attain a mindset of detachment in order to release connections to physical realities you have felt locked into with your thoughts and feelings. In such a state of pure consciousness, you become aware that you are capable of sensing all possible realities, and you realize that you can emerge from this meditation or lucid dream into the best possible reality for you.

Your body is designed for quantum jumping, so learning how to improve your skills can be every bit as simple as making the transition from walking to dancing. Well, as you might have suspected, sometimes there can be a little more to it than that.

Those that take us back are memories… and those that carry us forward are dreams. What if we could get help to stay balanced and take our first steps in a new direction when we need it? Because it makes the study of quantum jumps so much easier. This very special section of the 87th annual meeting of the Pacific Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science AAAS was convened for the purpose of examining the nature of time … and causality.

Quantum mechanics is like poetry. The poem is right there, for everyone to see, but it has many different interpretations.

While growing numbers of studies in the field of parapsychology, such as those by UC Berkeley physicist Henry Stapp, indicate experimental participants are able to influence radioactive decay of isotopes in the past, few mainstream research laboratories are repeating these experiments, proving that mind does indeed affect matter and therefore is an important part of the process of quantum jumping.

Most mainstream labs shy away for fear of sullying their reputations, as if they would be dirtying their hands by even imagining some of this is possible.

One of the important keys to success is knowing that there is much more than just one universe. There are many more than just two realities. Amidst all these possible realities, there are some realities you are much more likely to find enjoyable and meaningful. If you have access to a recording device and earphones, you can create your own guided journey through the three steps, playing it back as you fall asleep each night or during a peaceful time of day when you can close your eyes and completely relax.

As it turns out, the three steps of miracle-mindedness are similar to three steps for successful quantum jumps.

Quantum Jumping Steps 1.

Attain a relaxed, detached, and peaceful altered state. Feel energized about your visualized positive outcome. Take positive action in keeping with your new reality.


The required state before making a leap to another reality is more like being in-between states—in the midst of a nice daydream— than making a big effort or exertion.

You can access such a detached state of mind through meditation or lucid dreaming. This sense of peaceful detachment is vitally important because this state of mind allows us to let go of the conscious, ego-driven mindset that got us into whatever challenging situations we are presently engaged.

We must let go of what we think is best and believe should occur, so we can maintain a neutral, receptive state of mind, which is critical to a successful quantum jump. We can experience mindful harmonious balance when we appreciate our many possible pasts and futures with gratitude and love rather than regrets and fears.

The key to meditation is mindful awareness. There are many ways to attain a detached, peaceful state of mind in meditation, including: walking meditation, breathing meditation, silent meditation, chanting meditation, meditating while gardening, meditating while bathing, or meditating doing dishes or chores.

If you are experiencing the multiverse like a quantum particle, this state of detached receptivity feels like letting go of your material nature so you no longer fixate on any given point in space-time, and instead spread yourself out in the form of pure energy waves across all possible realities.

In such a state of being pure energy, you can envision all possible futures and pasts and quickly see where each choice ends up. Can you imagine that you and everything and everyone around you exists in a superposition of states? It is possible to contemplate that we can make the best decisions when remembering that, in a multiverse of many possible worlds, everything can happen—and actually is happening— somewhere.

In order to arrive at a preferred reality, we must first disengage and detach from our daily struggles by taking a meditative break in the peaceful feeling of calm we experience at the center of all options. Quantum jumping is very much like shifting gears. When we change gears while driving a car with a stick shift, we move out of one particular reality—such as first gear—by first deselecting all gears as we put our foot on the clutch pedal.

From that place of accessing all possibilities, we can move to the next reality we select via the process of quantum jumping—such as second gear. Being conscious of existing in such a superposition of states is akin to being in a state of timelessness… a feeling of being detached from, rather than attached to, everyday reality.The door is open. I imagine a fog like light oozing out of my body from stomach area to the top of my head. Relax your eyes. Why not pay that person a visit.

The Art of Quantum Jumping: How to Shift Your Reality in Big, Positive Ways

When quantum particles are observed to make a quantum jump from one state to another, scientists watch them appear to blink on and off.

But your subconscious mind is more powerful than just storing knowledge and resources… It can also search for new knowledge and resources within you, and around you. On the other side of that door are an infinity of places, times, events, and selves of yours. But just listen to this. Occasionally someone will ask if they are really going into a parallel universe.