No file size limits, no ad watermarks - A simple and secure web app to encrypt your PDF files with strong AES bit encryption for free. To secure your PDF documents from unauthorized access like copying or printing, you should password protect your file! Protect PDF files by adding a password and encrypt it. Protect your PDF files by adding a password that will prevent people from being able to copy or print your. Add a password to PDF with our free and safe online tool. Protect and add permissions to your PDF files now. It's safe, easy and free.

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Uploaded by: MARSHALL offers the free online service for you to protect your pdf documents with the highest encryption technology. Super easy to use!. No registration or watermarks. Simple and secure way to password protect your PDFs with strong AES bits encryption. PDF No Copy is a Free Online service that add encryption and DRM restrictions to In that way it disables the copy past function and your PDF file is protected.

It is only available for the Windows OS. Registration of the license verifies your account and enables you to open the secure documents you have been given access to. If access is allowed then the decryption key is securely transferred from the administration server to the Secure PDF Viewer and you are then able to view the secure PDF document.

If access is not allowed, a message, set by the publisher, will be displayed telling you how they wish to be contacted so that you can gain access to the secure PDF file. After a secure PDF document has been successfully opened, you may not need to connect to the Internet unless the publisher of the secured PDF document requires this or you take an action such as making a printed copy, that has to be verified online before it can be allowed.

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See Adobe PDF plug-in vulnerabilities. Secure PDF files are never saved to disk in temporary format or to the Windows swap file. For a more detailed security overview see our DRM technology. The Viewer software enforces these PDF controls.

There are some general DRM controls that must always be present. Secured PDF content must always be protected from editing. Secure PDF documents must be locked to individual computers to make sure they cannot be shared. These controls cannot be achieved without the use of application software a Secure PDF Viewer that can effectively enforce these requirements.

You can check to see which secure PDF controls that have been applied to a document and who the publisher is just by placing the mouse over the protected document, or by right clicking on it, selecting Properties last option on the panel and then clicking on the Secure PDF file tab.

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Users and publishers need to be aware of the secure PDF controls that are available, and that controls may overlap. A list of controls and their impacts is given below. The publisher may have placed controls on the secure PDF document that require you to connect to the Internet whenever you want to use a document, or connect occasionally, and the viewer will automatically enforce those controls.

If an Internet connection is required, the secure PDF document will not open until the license has been checked. The publisher may only have licensed you to view a secure PDF document for a specific number of times.

If that is the case you must be connected to the Internet in order to view the secure PDF document. The secure PDF document may no longer be usable after a certain number of views, prints, days from when you first viewed it, or it may be set to expire on a specific date. You may be prevented by the publisher from viewing a secure PDF document in thin-client and virtual environments unless you obtain a license for the environment.

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