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Your website to be this problem is covered read. DIGBT: answers compare abolished on name times. Every blogger want to-him make degree more attractive. Every bloggeri wants to make iti as attractive as possible. Patel et al. The material, method together with the results of both surveys will be presented in the following paragraphs.

It was an online experiment, that used as its method a word document sent to all the participants via different online communication websites e-mail, Facebook, Skype. The document was in the exact same form as the one attached in the Appendix. The participants were instructed to respond according to their first intuition and asked to send back their responses via same communication website. This survey consisted in four different tasks.

For this task they received four conditions. The donkey pronoun investigated here was a personal overt pronoun in the nominative case. In one of the conditions, the subject, object and pronoun of the clause were all male gendered and in the second one the subject was female, the object was male and the pronoun was also male gendered.

This showed a clear gender effect presence. Ambiguity was created in the case of the donkey construction with both subject and object male, while no ambiguity was present when the subject was female and the donkey pronoun was male. In condition number three, the personal pronoun was replaced by a null pronoun, but the conditions and the task remained the same. The results showed that nulls cannot usually be donkey pronouns. The participants were asked to respond as to what exactly they understood from a donkey sentence with a null pronoun: a it is a smart thing to own a donkey; b the specific donkey is intelligent c somebody else is intelligent d the sentence is ambiguous.

However, some responses included a and c. Lastly, a pronoun preference task was included. The native speakers had to choose the donkey construction that they preferred.

It was explicitly stated that the last clause refers back to the donkey. The stronger the structure of the pronoun was, the better participants liked the construction. With the one exception mentioned above, null pronouns were usually rejected as donkeys. Second Survey Tasks and Materials: The second survey took place at one month distance from the first mini-experiment, having also been conducted online.

Iubeste Inteligent

This time, the participants were not sent the actual sentences, but the survey took place live on Skype or Facebook. This created more opportunities for a deeper communication between the participants and the researcher.

The researcher was able to help the participants whenever they felt confused by the content of the sentence or simply by the not very familiar task they were confronted with. For this survey, only one task was given, namely to rate the sentences using a scale from 1-very good to 5-inacceptable. Note that Romanian presents very few cases of anaphoric islands, therefore testing overtness was more limited than it would have been in German or English.

The list of non-overt NPs contained words like: widow, blogger, orphan, sheep-owner, cow-owner, bride, married, to throw up, pregnant and to bleed.

The pronouns were either personal pronouns in the accusative unstressed case or in the nominative or demonstrative.

Both singular and plural forms of the pronouns were 16 present. Also, two sentences that contained a null donkey and an overt NP antecedent were added. A full illustration of the survey can be found in the Appendix.

Results The results of both surveys show that personal pronouns can also be donkeys, even though they prefer to have topical referents.

A crucial finding is that the responses of the participants contradict the FLC, where strong pronouns cannot have non-overt NP antecedents. This is in contrast with the initial expectations of the experiment. If the Overtness Condition is accurate as claimed to be so far, the results should have been in accordance with the theory.

No an cow fem -owner male not believes that dem. Vasile este oieri si spune ca acesteai pot fi greu de ingrijit. Vasile is sheep fem -owner masc. As one can see, the donkey pronouns in 25 and 26 are both strong pronouns as demonstrated in section two, which should not be allowed according to the previous research on non-overt NP referents.

Moreover, 25 and 26 were rated better than constructions like 27 where the donkey pronoun has a weaker structure. Furthermore, 27 was also considered better than 28 where the pronoun is even more weak.

Download Structure And Function Of Plasma Proteins Volume 2 1976

The null donkey was strictly rejected as expected Vasile este oieri si spune ca elei pot fi greu de ingrijit. Vasile is sheep fem -owner male and says that nom. Vasile is a sheep-owner, and he thinks that they can be very difficult to take care of. Vasile este oieri si lei ingrijeste greu. Vasile is sheep fem -owner male and acc. These results are quite surprising considering the solid Overtness Theory that has been closely investigated and confirmed by various languages.

However, by no means can saliency alone be such a powerful constraint that can account for FLC violations, because syntax would still be violated.

If get pregnant, future to- acc. Fiecarui barbat insurati i -au trebuit ani de zile ca sa afle care este micul dejun al acesteiai preferat.

Iubeste inteligent

Every dat man married dat. Every marriedi man spend years, to find out what heri favorite breakfast is. Every widower male , loved-3sg. Every widoweri loved heri very much. The author of this paper acknowledges the important contribution of these factors for English and German donkey pronouns as researched by Patel et al. Moreover, the Overt NP Condition was present in most of the constructions created. What these exceptional cases prove is simply that the constraint is even more violable in the case of Romanian strong donkeys than initially believed to be.

Due to the considerable non-uniformity between the ratings of similar constructions belonging to the same condition, one cannot state at this moment whether Romanian has some other distinct factors than uniqueness and saliency that may interfere in E-types contexts or whether these two factors behave atypically in Romanian.

For example 34 obtained a mean of three acceptable , while 35 was not accepted at all under an E-type analysis. Even so, more research in the direction is needed in order to test for new relevant factors. Robert is cow-owner and believes that nom.

Robert is a cow-owner and he believes that they can be difficult to take care of. Every bride thinks that nom. Every bride thinks that he is her soul mate.

The observations made so far show that the demonstrative pronoun has a strong structure compared to personal pronouns, who allow less often violations of the FLC. Jede Linguistin, die einen Esel hat, liebt den. However, Romanian data shows that licensing of NP-deletion is not necessarily required even in the case of the demonstrative donkey: Every linguist who has a donkey, acc.

Fiecare om care este oier, le iubeste pe acele [oi]. Every man who is sheep-owner, acc. The results show that there are indeed two types of donkey pronouns: a weak structured donkey personal and strong 20 structured one demonstrative.

Romanian data sustains the theory of the FLC. However, it also shows that it is violable by both strong and weak pronouns. The stronger the structure of the donkey pronoun is, the less likely it would violate the FLC.

On the other side, the weaker the pronoun, the more likely it is to not be subject to the Overt NP Constraint.

About the matter of saliency and uniqueness of the antecedent, the surveys do not show any relevant results which one can discuss or take into account. For further studies, the author believes one needs first to figure out what specifically constitutes saliency and uniqueness in Romance languages, since there are unfortunately very few cases of non-unique and non-salient NP antecedents to make clear sense out of these notions.

If the two conditions are met, one can say that the pronoun is bound by its antecedent. Every linguisti thinks that hei is intelligent. I argue in the following section that no 21 constraint discovered so far is powerful enough to prohibit binding in the case of E-type contexts.

Chomsky explains in his Principle A that anaphors e. Mary, the man do not allow binding at all. On the other side, if one treats donkeys as definite descriptions which behave like R-expressions as Wiltschko and others claim Evans , Heim , Elbourne , Principle C would be violated. However, despite the fact that these approaches do not allow donkey pronouns to function as variables bound by an operator, Hinterwimmer offers an alternative solution where E-type contexts contain a situation operator that is able to turn the pronoun contained in the clause into a bound variable.

I base my explanation on the same observations and bring more evidence at the same time for Romanian bound donkeys. Hinterwimmer shows that the only valid constraint on bound demonstratives is the Aboutness Constraint or Topicality Constraint. I will use the knowledge from Hinterwimmer to show that a c-commanding interpretation is available, mostly because the donkey is to some extend dependent on the quantificational expression. The donkeys receive the same value that is assigned to the variable bound by the indefinite determiner.

Hinterwimmer claims that this specific value prohibits the demonstrative donkey, in contrast to the personal pronoun to be dependent on a topical element. However, Romanian sentences prove that certain situations allow co-referential binding of the demonstrative even with the topical element.

The head doctori him is examining on patientk. The head doctori is examining the patientk. Bosch et al.

Pacientuli lk -a examinat pe doctork. The patient 3sg. DEMik is specialist in cardiology. The patienti examined the doctor.

DEMk is specialist in cardiology. DEMk is a heart specialist. The patient was examined by doctor. The patienti was examined by the doctork. Hinterwimmer The Romanian version of 40a and 40b can co-refer with both the non-topical and topical element of the clause.Vasile este oieri si spune ca elei pot fi greu de ingrijit.

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