L has been avaliable at TRACES ( web site to covert TDS Certificate (Form 16 (Part A) and Form 16A) which is in “.TXT” format file into “.PDF” format with new format which is applicable for Asstt. Deductor can download TDS Certificate (Form 16 (Part A. Downloading TRACES PDF Generation Utility can be a real pain and has The same utility can be used to convert text file for Form 16 / 16A. has now provided a new form 16A pdf generation utility lighter version with small size and with digital signature feature.

Form 16a Pdf Generator

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How to Download / Install TRACES PDF Generation Utility & Procedure to The same utility can be used to convert text file for Form 16 / 16A. Dear all I am continuously trying to download PDF Generation utility from TRACES www tdscpc gov in But I I have to convert text file of Form 16A to pdf format. Steps to generate FormA in ClearTDS for Non Salaary. file click on “ Generate”, one zip file will be created for all FormA pdf files.

The user can download the statement from the income tax e-filing website. The downloaded statement is password protected and the password to open the file is the Date of birth of the user which he would have entered when registering with the income tax e-filing site. It is the duty of a taxpayer to verify whether the deductor has deducted tax on each transaction on which it was supposed to be deducted.

In case of any discrepancy between the TDS certificates and Form 26AS inform your deductor and ask for the reasons for this discrepancy and get it corrected.

A possible reason behind the mismatch can be because your PAN has been incorrectly entered in the records of the deductor. In case the deductor has not deducted the tax on your behalf, then it is your responsibility to remind the deductor to deduct tax on your behalf and deposit the same with government.

Following details would also be available in your Form 26AS in case applicable: Details of tax deducted on your behalf by deductors Details of tax collected on your behalf by collectors Details of tax deducted on sale of Immovable Property Refund received during the financial year by you Details of your transactions in Mutual Fund, Shares and Bonds , etc.

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Updated on Feb 15, - Form 16 A is generated only for a valid PAN. Once you login to Cleartds.

Click on it to make the request for FormA. TAN, Token number Ack.

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Else you will have to fill it up manually. Please enter the code and submit.

It will be processed after 4 hours. Enter password to open file File name for individual PDF files will be as mentioned below.

Software , TDS. No limitation on amount of premium that can be charged on Share Capital: No tax on Retirement compensation from Partnership firm based on revaluation of Assets. Dear Sir, Thank you very mush for sharing necessary information.

July 12, at January 29, at 5: Uday E Botale says:Earlier it was available in version 1. The objective of Form 16 and Form 16A is the same as they are both TDS certificates and the difference lies in the issuing body.

And browse the file. Employers need to issue the Form 16 to their employees on or before 31st May of the financial year immediately following the financial year in which the income was paid and tax deducted.

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