Dear readers, these QTP Interview Questions have been designed specially to get you As per my experience good interviewers hardly plan to ask any particular question during continue based on further discussion and what you answer. You find 35+ HP QTP / UFT Interview Questions and answers which is useful for experienced as well If you are experienced in QTP skip to Question # 50 here. Free PDF Download: QTP Interview Questions & Answers. QTP Interview Questions and Answers for PDF - AtoZ Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Download Qtp Interview Questions PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File to read answer and report incorrect category/incorrect Questions or answers .. What is your most significant experience? how will u design a pipe Describe the. you are looking for a qtp job and advanced qtp interview questions and answers for experienced - and answers guide in pdf format qtp experience in qtp . QTP Tutorials & Interview Questions: Download VBScript PDF vbscript in questions and 54 answers by expert members with experience in VB Script subject.

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For example u r checking bit map check point before coming to the results. How can u say it is passed? Or failed?

If the Execution has halted at a Step for more than estimated time, then u can Estimate that the check has been failed. U need not wait for the results window to come to tell whether the result is pass or fail. What is text check point and text area check point? Suppose I want fail that check point? How can u do that?

After recording particular object, just change the value and play it back. The Checkpoint will be failed.

Is text area check point supports for web applications? In QTP is it possible to check broken links of a page?

Top 105 QTP Interview Questions and Answers (Latest UFT Interview Questions)

You can check the broken links through Web Testing. Do u know how to connect Database? Can u tell me the procedures? What is output value? How many types of output values are there in QTP? Retrieving values from the Application to the Data Table.

An Output value is a step in which one or more values are captured during the run session for use to another point in the run. When any of the values is needed later in the run as input, Quick test retrieves it from the specified output location. What is accessibility check point? Accessibility Checkpoints are designed to help you easily locate the areas of your Web Site that require special attention according to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

How to check bitmap output value?

There is no output value for Bitmap. I have created 3 actions in test action1, action2, action3 but I want run action 1,action 3,action2 how can u change in the actions in keyword view?

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Go to Keyword view, Select the Action keep your mouse button pressed and Drop it in the order you want. That will do it.

Suppose I created one object as virtual object? That object is applicable to that test?

QTP Interview Questions

Or all the tests? No, the virtual Object you created will be applicable only to that test. Is virtual object supported in low level recording mode?

Virtual Object will be supported only in Normal Recording. If created one virtual object?

To edit. What is the use of object spy tool in QTP? How to find the length of string in QTP?

Suppose you want to find the length of "salunke" then you will have the below statement which will print the length of string. How to find the current system time in QTP? Print time Q How to Comment a line in QTP script?

What is the difference between QTP and Selenium? We can use QTP to test different kinds of applications like web,. But Selenium is used only for Web application testing.

Net, Ruby, Perl etc. How to remove all spaces from given string in QTP? How to find the modulus of a number in QTP? How to find the length of array in QTP?


What is difference between byref and byval in QTP? So when you want the passed value to change, you can pass the value using byref method. Otherwise you can pass it using byval method.QTP emulates the user's action on the virtual object during the run session. How to do Laod testing for web based Application?

Erni Rohani. You can access object spy directly from the toolbar or from the Object Repository Dialog Box.

What is Recovery Manager How to retrieve the text from password field in qtp? Wanted to learn QTP thru online suggest me best training institute? What are the benefits of being a graduate of Associate of computer Studies?