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Microsoft have freely distributed a new eBook ' CRM for Dummies: Uncover the Value of CRM' that shares CRM advice and best practice. Beginner's. Guide to CRM. “Customer relationship management” can sound intimidating to small- and mid-sized businesses. After all, if your company only has a. Social CRM For Dummies [Kyle Lacy, Stephanie Diamond, Jon Ferrara] on Check out some quick tips (PDF) for leveraging your customers' social networks.

Duplicating the lead with few changes in the existing lead details. Notes: By default, the person who creates the lead owns it.

Social CRM For Dummies

To change owner, click the Change link in the Lead Owner field from the Lead Details page and select another user. To create leads individually 1.

In the Leads module, click New Lead. In the Create Lead page, enter the lead details. Click Save. To create leads instantly 1. Click the Leads tab. On the left pane of the Home page, select Leads from the Quick Create list.

In the pop up window, enter the relevant details. To create duplicate leads 1. In the Leads tab, click a particular lead that is to be duplicated. In the Lead Details page, click Clone. In the Clone Lead page, modify the required details.

Approve Leads Captured through Website By default, leads captured through Website are assigned to one of the Lead Administrator who can update the leads with additional information and assign it to the corresponding sales person in your organization. It will allow your sales persons to focus mainly on high priority leads lead that contain correct contact information, and interest on your offering. In the Lead Approval page, select the leads for approval. Click Approve.

Associate Leads with Other Records The next important thing after creating leads is to follow it up with activities, tasks, e-mails and attachments.

Hence, you may need to associate leads with other records, until the lead reaches a certain stage where it can be converted to Potential as per your organization's sales process.

To attach documents This feature enables you to attach documents, spreadsheets and presentations to the leads. In the Lead Details page, the existing product details, if any, are displayed. Click the relevant Del link to delete the record. Click Add Product. Select the check box es corresponding to the product. Note, that the products will be available in the list only if you add them using the Products module.

Click Add to Lead. To create tasks or events 1. In the Lead Details page, the existing task or event details, if any, are displayed. Click the relevant Edit, Del, or Close link to modify, delete, or close the task respectively.

Note: Once the activity is over, you can close the activity using the Close link.

To send e-mails 1. In the Lead Details page, the existing e-mail details, if any, are displayed. Click the relevant Del link to delete the mail details. Click Send Mail. In the Send Mail page, compose the e-mail message and send it. Make sure that the lead has a valid email address. To add notes 1.

Free eBook! CRM for Dummies

In the Lead Details page, the existing note details, if any, are displayed. Click the relevant Edit or Del link to modify or delete the notes respectively.

Click New Note and do the following: a. Enter the Title.

It is mandatory. The system displays the name of the lead's Owner. Click owner's name. Enter the Note Content in the text box. You can view the list of converted leads by selecting the Converted view mode. Once the lead is converted to account, contact and potential, you cannot revert to the original state. Potential: Rating Account: No.

To convert leads to other sales records 1. In the Leads Home page, select the lead to be converted. In the Lead Details page, click Convert. You can shorten the sales cycle while also increasing customer and prospect satisfaction simply by sending proposals and sales agreements faster. The CRM also lets you easily identify new opportunities based on the immediate segmentation of the database.

CRM even helps you make your customers not only happy but coming back for more. The marketing solution of the CRM should be very flexible and easy to use.

Very often. In addition. So it is important that the CRM solution is able to monitor and manage the feedback from the campaigns. The potential opportunities generated from campaigns should be easily controlled in the CRM. Looking at Campaign Results and Opportunities The goal of campaign execution is to generate responses that translate into added business opportunities.

Some of the functionalities available in a services module of a CRM include maintenance contracts management. Case Support and Service Planning Contract management.

Customer service. It is possible to have a real customer value based on the margin released from sales less the costs associated with sales and support. Looking at Contract Management. It is important for customer satisfaction and loyalty and sales productivity that information about issues. This is also a great enabler for increased productivity. As CRM matured. The result was a different kind of CRM that is highly flexible.

As businesses expanded their use of this different kind of CRM solution. This extension from customer-centric to X-centric applications is the origin of the term XRM.

Table summarises the differences. What began as a CRM solution was adapted to be the platform for multiple business applications built around core CRM capabilities. PRM Partner. You can have a CRM anytime. ERM Employee. CzRM Citizen and so on. Using smartphones. Other kinds of communities. In fact. In this type of community. Social CRM is the result of the convergence of social technologies with processes and technologies of customer relationship management.

Managed communities associated with a brand allow interested parties to become involved with the organisation and each other in order to solve their problems and offer feedback. Part V Ten Well. This part highlights tips to keep in mind as you embark on your CRM journey.

Try Before You download Take the opportunity of a free trial by playing around for a period of days and weeks. Some partners and system integrators also provide these trials. These pioneers can be individuals or departments. Using CRM alone gets your organisation faster results and return on investment. This step is important for setting up your business case.

What is OOPS?

CRM is the only system to manage your customer contacts. These early adopters can teach and troubleshoot for the followers.

A partner that supports you since day 1. Choose Professionals to Help You A partner or system integrator will be key for the success. Payback periods can be as low as a couple of months. Convince yourself and your management that the benefit will be tremendous.

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Guru Raja Ragavendran Nagarajan. Matthew Smith. Neenu Sukumar. Packt Publishing.Part V Ten Well. Naveen Lohchab. Before attending classes, i want to go through study material. You can shorten the sales cycle while also increasing customer and prospect satisfaction simply by sending proposals and sales agreements faster. In the Leads tab, click a particular lead that is to be duplicated. Click Send Mail.

BA, B. Specify the Order numbers of the rule entries and click Save. You can have a CRM anytime. Productivity and Planning